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NC16 / English / 0 / 122 min

Director Todd Phillips 
Cast Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Bill Camp, Frances Conroy 
Release Date 03 October 2019


Tiger Heng
04 October 2019
Dark, Intense and Emotional Gripping - Truly a Masterpiecr
This is an incredible film, and every single audience is literally glued to his/her seat. The story is gripping and performance of Joaquin Phoenix honestly at least deserve an oscar nomination. This spin-off (standalone) DC film truly allows audiences to come into terms and feel the mental state of (pre) Joker. The subtle nod to the larger DC universe, especially to the caped crusader also feels like very natural fits and extemely welcomed. This film is not for the faint-hearted as there are a couple of violence scenes. The depiction of Gotham city also constantly reminds us the importance of Batman and why he is needed in this city. Director Todd Phillips pulled off a risky gamble and managed to successfully diverge away from his best-known Hangover Trilogy. At the end of the day - people will ask, Is the performance of Joaquin Phoenix better than Health Ledger? We will never know, but these two hours with the performance of Joaquin Phoenix honestly will remind everyone why all of us fell in love with performance of Ledger back in 2008. The intensity, the work ethic, the way an actor blends into the character he portrays - the similiarities are uncanning.

08 October 2019
Awesome display of emotions
JP is really good! The control of emotions is just impressive. It's truly one that talks about the evolution of joker

Keon Teh
07 October 2019
Phenomenal acting
Not a fan of DC comics and films but Joaquin Phoenix just might have converted me into a fan. Every second of the movie was incredibly good. The movie carries a dark, deep and meaningful message behind it all too. A must watch!

Tilak Benjamin Benith
08 October 2019
The story - along with the subliminal portrayal of discrimination and mental health - is just flawlessly impossible. Kudos to Joaquim Phoenix!

04 October 2019
Joker 2019
Quite remarkable acting and eyes opening perspective from Joker. Music was on story telling sequence. Worth watching

04 October 2019
A movie to remember.
Joker is not a typical comic book character movie as it forces you to feel the pain and suffering of the character. With a stellar performance by Joaquin Phoenix and a good and steady plot flow, it's hard to deny the reviews that are saying this to be one of the best movies of 2019.

Muzzammil Ali
14 October 2019
Was it a joke? Or was it real?
A study of depressed person longing for attention. Tries to contained his inner demon. However, society failed him, his mother too. Or was all a fantasy?A benchmark for DC universe movies.

11 October 2019
When you just smile
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. However, sometimes the gutter is unbreakable.

Danish Putra
14 October 2019
An intruigingly exceent character study
Joker : 9.3/10 Warning to all you action fans, this movie is a character piece. It has very little action but is rich with character depth. Joker is a standalone origin movie for the popular DC comics villain. How this is so good, is that there was nothing comic book-ish about this movie at all. I can't recall any scene without Joaquin Phoenix. But he stole every single scene. Definitely an oscar contender here. His laughs, his pain, you can see it all in his facial expressions. His character changes motivations slowly throughout the movie and you will say to yourself that this can happen to any of us. This movie is so grounded in the real world and provides a thought provoking social commentary. The rich and the poor disparity. The broken system. Everything wrong with society in the old days and even now is reflected on the cinema screen. Do go out of your way to watch this movie. But do not expect any action. It is solely a character piece. Probably the best one i've ever seen. It is slow and methodic. There are no end credits.

Sim DS
11 October 2019
Interesting and worth the watch
It honestly has been given too much criticism and I feel that the way this joker was portrayed was very telling and very well-developed. It delves into the psychee of bow mental illness is linked to insanity and how cruelty of humanity plays a huge role to the outcome of their fate. The fickle-mindedness and inconsistency of his persona also added to the depth of how one’s mind can never truly be figured out and that the brain and how our emotions affect us have varying effects on how we act and are actually really unpredictable. It is very real, very gruesome, very dark and truly tried to explore who the joker is.

Fariq Bash
14 October 2019
Flawless performance by Joaquin Phoenix. Fantastic delivery of character. The storyline of Joker was also well crafted.

14 October 2019
one of the best
One of the best movie I’ve ever watched... Mentsl illness... Medicsl issues... Well... Watch it yourself and judge....

05 October 2019
Great acting
Wonderful wonderful performance by Joaquin Phoenix. Leaves you feeling conflicted about the joker, pity or hate?

06 October 2019
Absolutely intriguing
I have become a Joker fan after watching this movie..haha. Joaquin is amazing! You really have to go watch.

08 December 2019
Deep movie
Many people may not understand the movie, but if you do, you will agree that it is a great movie that has meanings behind Joker’s actions etc

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