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Ad Astra

NA / English / 0 / 122 min

Director James Gray 
Cast Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland 
Release Date 19 September 2019


Danish Putra
26 September 2019
Beautiful Space Movie with an excellent story
Ad Astra : 8.3/10 Ad Astra is a space movie set in the near future where space flights are commercial and Mars bases have been set up. The main protagonist needs to travel to the edge of the solar system to solve an Earth problem. This movie is absolutely beautiful. You really felt immersed in the wonders of space. The silence, the emptiness. Everything was very accurately detailed. The plot was deep, complex but very fulfilling. There was not one character wasted in the whole film. And Brad Pitt definitely delivered on this film. However, this movie is a slow burn. Many scenes were dragged out. This is NOT an action movie where you assume things happen. They show you exactly what happens. Every single small detail. A must watch for all space movie lovers, and a good time for everyday movie-goers. Do take your time to watch Ad Astra. There are no mid nor post credits.

John Louie Lauren Tan
29 September 2019
The near future. Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) has lived in the shadow of his heroic father, Clifford (Tommy Lee Jones), who disappeared on a mission to fi nd artificial intelligence in the universe. When electrical surges from space begin to hit the Earth, Roy must travel across the solar system to find his father, the origin of the surge — and maybe more.

Mike Teng
27 October 2019
Great acting!
Great acting, cinematography, soundtrack make up for this slow pace movie. Some people either snoring or walk off. It's better if u watch alone to enjoy it.Its like u at Central area watching Chiobu OL while u slowly drink coffee at Starbucks alone.

02 October 2019
Have the right expectations
The plot is a bit meh for me, and for some viewers might be incredibly boring. But, I'll still say this film is worth a watch because of Brad Pitt's performance and the stunning visuals. Don't go in expecting a fast paced action movie in space. This is a slow burn movie that goes deep into a character to explore life's bigger questions.

Connie Chong
22 September 2019
Good but lonely movie
It can be very dull and lonely watching it. Sad but also good in the content. It’s will be more touching if the Storyline could be more contented and detailed.

22 September 2019
Not for everyone
Amazing Character Study for Brad Pitt's character. Unfortunately the plot is not strong enough to keep it interesting. Everything happens too fast for us to care about the other characters and any event that affected them. No good build up nor any pay off whatsoever. Therefore the movie feels bland.

Dare to watch
19 September 2019
Thematically dense,deeply moving with lines and visually sumptuous.
A very deep film that exposes human frailty against the unimaginable expanse of space. The score by Max Richter, which is somehow both intimately eerie and grandiose at the same time. Enthralling cinematography.

21 September 2019
Long and slow
Long and slow but I think BP is good cos the focus is so much on him, for him to bring out such emotions is really impressive. To a certain extent, I think it's a pretty dark spot/state the character is in and he really did a good job in bringing that out

Foong Siew Ying Sharon
02 October 2019
Star studded cast
Brad pitt delivers awesome monologue, and Tommy Lee jones does his best to look lost and confused. If you like space films this is good, but don't expect anything other than the power of plot messing things up.

Indah Rupawan
20 September 2019
To the stars.
Ad Astra is Latin. It means - to the stars. You pronounce it as in - "art" "us" "tra". Don't say it the way the Americans distorted it -_- No spoliers here. Just enjoy the big budget movie.

Mind of mine
20 September 2019
As a fan of Interstellar and Gravity, this was boring as hell. Its about Brad Pitt's character and his dad and not much cinematography and soundtracks. Disappointing.

*movie time*
25 September 2019
Thumbs Up To Brad’s Acting
Decent storyline, got to read up the storyline beforehand. But Brad Pitt’s acting is as always so awesome! Music and effects are decent too. Can watch offline.

Michy Lee
06 October 2019
Very slow and boring
Thought rotten tomatoes gave high score, its a very boring and slow movie. Storyline picked up midway but there was no climax, it just went downhill. A few gory deaths which wasn't necessary. Not recommended.

21 September 2019
I seriously don’t know what is good about this movie. Please don’t waste even your Grab movie ticket. It’s thumps down all the way.

James Loo
21 September 2019
Speed the movie up by 2X and you’ll miss nothing
Bleh in every way. Got his ass to his dad, confirmed his dad didn’t give a s*** about him, blew up his dad’s ship, and came back to earth. Come on. Seriously? We need to travel to space to do this?

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