Signal 100 (2020)

NA / Japanese / / 88 min

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WELCOME TO THE WORLD’S MOST LUNATIC GAME OF DEATH YOU SURVIVE IF YOUR CLASSMATES DON’T It’s another busy morning of seniors from Class C at the Seishin Academy excitedly preparing for their upcoming school festival. Their teacher, Mr. Shimobe (Shido Nakamura) gathers them all together in the audio-visual room where he suddenly shows his 36 students, including Reina Kashimura, a disturbingly creepy short film. Little do the students know that hidden in the film are hypnotic suggestions that compel them to suicide. The trigger for the suicidal hypnotic suggestions number 100 in total, and include: “being late for class,” “using one’s phone”, and “crying.” Suddenly, everyday behavior morphs into triggers toward a violent self-inflicted death. Other fatal triggers include trying to leave the school ground or seeking help from others. The only means for breaking the spell comes from the death of classmates and learning how not to die. Then they are told that the only way to survive the spell is to be the last student standing. As students take their own lives in horrifyingly grotesque and violent fashion, their sadistic teacher, Shimobe, takes his own life, falling from a classroom window. Under such desperate circumstances, human nature and survival instincts take over turning the students against each other in a chilling competition of survival only to be broken by the arrival of dawn. Kashimura struggles to find a way for everyone to survive with intrepid resolve. But can she break the hypnotic spell before every one of her classmates dies?

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