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The Captain

- / chinnese / 0 / 110 min

Director Andrew Lau 
Cast Zhang Hanyu, Du Jiang, Yuan Quan 
Release Date 03 October 2019


Andrew Wee
12 October 2019
Excellent movie about workings of an airplane and airport
This is a movie fictionized about China's real life Sichuan airplane incident that survived from a damaged cockpit window that nearly dragged the copilot out of the airplane, and managed to land without any casualties. It showcase how an airline works and how airport air traffic controller handles an emergency. It is pretty realistic. Worth to see. Initial plot is pretty usual and uneventful. After that, strong dramatic plots, both in the cockpit and in the cabin. I'll let the rest for you to see. Lol

11 October 2019
Good movie
Based on true story and the overall movie is good with great actors and actresses to bring out the role of the movie and making it exciting

Jie Ying
23 October 2019
It is truly a fantastic storyline where a plane going to somewhere went missing in air and all the passenger on the airplane were worried that they will die and finally the captain of the plane saved them all.

09 October 2019

Dare to watch
07 October 2019
An emotional drama
A movie and it was inspired by a true story of Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 incident. Awesome visuals, evidently improved with decent CGI effects. . As paradoxical as it sounds, this is one flight you won’t want to miss.

08 October 2019
Catch it
I am impressed by the intensity, pace, emotions/acting for this movie. Strongly suggest u to catch it!

Indah Rupawan
10 October 2019
A must watch. It's a tear-jerker. If you have normal emotions, this might make you sad for a while. By the way... The incorrect trailer was shown.

Zoe Koo
09 October 2019
Highly recommended
This is definitely one of the movies that gets your heartbeat faster with all thrills. It puts you in a situation whereby you could actually feel like you were one of the passenger.

James Wong Kamkiat
10 October 2019
Thrilling "The Captain" movie
Show review scenario of what happened inside the craft during an emergency MayDay landing scenario. It was miraculous rescue by the pilot.

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