The Only Mom (2019)

PG13 / Burmese / Horror / 97 min

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A family move out of town to raise an autistic daughter peacefully. The new colonial style house is full of old photograph taken by the wet-glass process.The girl changes, she sleeps at day and awake at night. The emotional daughter became polite and sweet little girl. The mom feels she really became a perfect mom for the first time. The house getting strange day by day with a mystery unsolved for a decades. Who really inside a little girl, the same autistic girl or a spirit? Will mother wants her real daughter back or continue with a sweet little girl?

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The Only Mom Reviews

Dare to watch
8 February 2019
Riveting and unvarnished empathy.
Overall: 4
Great movie and scary too. Excellent, and exceptionally acted. Very subtle film that does challenge you a little. Several stunning sets that look incredibly disturbing and creepy as hell.

Chan Chan
15 February 2019
Horror and Heart Warming
Overall: 0
The Story line is perfect and acting are so good . Scary and emotional too . It show the love between mom and a daughter .

Aung Myo Myint
19 February 2019
Very good OST and Plots
Overall: 0
There are jump scares in this video. But it is more than that. I feel like I am in childhood again. I miss my child life.

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