Avengers: Endgame Movie Poster

Avengers: Endgame

PG13 / English / Action / Superhero / NA

Director Anthony Russo, Joe Russo 
Cast Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch 
Release Date 24 April 2019


Leon Z Ho
25 April 2019
A perfect end to 10+ years of brilliance
#withoutspoilers of course. It was an absolutely terrific movie with every emotions available to human beings. As a true marvel fan, it will bring a sense of satisfaction that words cant describe. #thankyoumarvelstudios

Lin Zhaoxing
25 April 2019
Best avengers movie sequel
Great plot. Too many unexpected. I am still trying to process the closure. Movie about love, friendship, fun and heroic. Thank you endgame!

25 April 2019
spoiler free review!!
no kidding, i cried from start to end. im a very emotional person and that could explain why. another reason why is because the film, i just feel like its wrapped up so nicely to end (not really, still have far from home) phase 3. so many scenes where i felt like it really hit my heart so much. so many scenes where i anticipated for the longest time finally happened. im still in immense shock. this is probably one of my favourite marvel films of all time.

Pan Junwei
25 April 2019
Thumps up
Outstanding and unexpected ending that creates an impact for all the fans of marvel..will watch again definitely

25 April 2019
I cried like six times - Chris Evans
Laughed, cheered and cried all in one sitting. Went into the theatre with high expectations and it definitely surpassed them all. It's a crowd pleaser and definitely serves as some amazing fan service. Prepare your tissues!

YaoJie Xiao
24 April 2019
Some people spoil. But not us. Not us.
If you don’t watch it, you’ll regret. But if you watch it, you’ll regret too. But I think you should still watch it if you don’t want to regret even though you might still regret after watching it.

25 April 2019
Best marvel movie after 11years
Great to see one of the Russo's in the cameo.. bladder bursting ...that's all ... Nothing to say.. no spoilers...

Bee Leong Ho
24 April 2019
Awesome!!! Truly original and never expected. Worth it all... the wait, the hype, the story, the best!!!

tay li khim
25 April 2019
Love the movie so much will go and watch again soon. so dont wait quickly get a ticket and watch it.

June Tan
26 April 2019
gooooooooooood show!!

02 May 2019
Greatest cinematic journey!
This is a decade of cinematic greatness!!!! I’ve been watching this from the beginning and now for this to end, three hours of watching felt nothing and probably even if they doubled or tripled the time I’m still here watching this beloved characters. The animation of the movie is enormous, and to watch it in IMAX, Wow! Emotion and heroism is everywhere. Thank you MCU for the experience of a lifetime!

29 April 2019
Spoilers alert
It was hard to enter the cinema without high expectations. What with all the hypes and raved reviews. It was certainly great to see spidey back. And esp can't wait for the next spidey film coming up soon. Sad to see two of them dead. And to a certain extend, one of them "lost". I wouldn't say exceeded my expectations. But definitely worth a watch

Albert Ou Yang
01 May 2019
Brilliant plot
Brilliant story line lead to unlimited possibilities. End game itself is full of emotional patriotism teamwork heart-breaking happy ending.

Louis Gkh
30 April 2019
End game
It's really a good movie with many emotions wanted to share it all but #nospoiler just go and watch it . It's really good

Swapnil Bapat
03 May 2019
The perfect ending to an everlasting saga. Loved every moment of it and the meaning it presented. What an emotional experience!

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