Curses (2019)

M18 / Thai / Horror / 125 min

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This Thai horror movie is divided into three chapters. The first chapter, "Wicked", set during the reign of King Rama VI, tells of a village deep within a forest. It is plagued with unexplainable events that are believed to have been brought on by a curse. The second chapter, "Tattoo", is about a cruel curse that is embroidered through ink into the victim`s skin, forcing them to carry the curse until they die. In the third and final chapter, "Wife`s Curse", it follows a person who has accumulated damning curses to the point of no return, which no good deed can ever erase. His fate will be decided by those curses.

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Curses Reviews

Nooresham Abd Latif
29 July 2019
Overall: 0
Not worth your time to watch. Not scary and the stories are dul. You might curse yourself for spending time and money on this

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