Ready Player One Movie Poster

Ready Player One

PG13 / English / Science Fiction / 140 min

Director Steven Spielberg 
Cast Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller, Simon Pegg, Mark Rylance, Lena Waithe, Letitia Wright 
Release Date 29 March 2018


Amrita Rajput Bhojwani
28 March 2018
Like an Adventure Game
Amazing film! I love the references in the films. The entire journey was likel starting a game and when the game is ending, that feeling is priceless and i felt the priceless feeling in this film. This is one the greatest film that will be discussed constantly by critics always, Steven Spielsberg did it again!!

Adrian Ho
29 March 2018
The Spielberg Magic
This film has the same Spielberg Magic that films early in Spielberg career has. Films like Jaws, Jurassic Park, E.T. This film is hard-handed with its message but it’s a thrilling and engaging ride that just pulls the child out of everyone. The whole movie is chock full of Easter eggs which could appeal to the film buffs and the colourful and exhilarating sequences could satisfy any casual film-goer. It is definitely a highly recommended watch from me! Definitely one of my favourite Spielberg Films!

Nick Nie
28 March 2018
Very good yes very good

30 March 2018
Are u ready?
Get set to a whole new experience which is out of the world!

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
29 March 2018
Absolutely amazing
I love how they make references to the many games! Not to mention the rock songs they play in the movie as well. The movie is absolutely amazing, definitely worth my 13 bucks!

30 March 2018
Movie kept me on the edge of my seat!

Justin Choong
29 March 2018
Great story, amazing graphics

Ang Chew Hoe
30 March 2018
Mix of VR and Real World

Kitorni Tay
03 April 2018
9.5/10 Genius
Best way to watch this is in IMAX , Best way to describe it : You are enjoying 2 hours in the game, seems like going away for a short getaway. Hope infinity war can beat this, if not will be a shame for Marvel

Heng Jing Ting
01 April 2018
Awesome movie
Really glad I've chosen this movie over the other to watch today! The plot was really captivating. Usually I would be so bored at the front part of all movies, but for this it captures my attention throughout! Real life emotions. Technologies. Movies references ( but i really hated the horror part) but it's funny I guess based on others reaction HAHA.. I love how the whole movie flows, doesn't feel like 2 hours at all.... worth the money!!!!!

Vanessa Banowl Khoo
28 April 2018
Thoroughly Enjoyable
Ready Player One strikes a balance between serving up sweet gaming nostalgia and imagining our future with technology. The movie tries to appease SJWs by perfectly including characters of color and a female counterpart (if not better than the main character). The evil-Corp narrative is not fresh, but the movie reminds us that even with great technology, our greatest weapon is our own imagination.

15 May 2018
Greatest movie this year
I would definitely highly recommend this movie. One of the best fantasy and cgi films made. If you are a gamer and if you are born in late 80s. Early 90s all the game characters will bring bk some memories. Great storyline too. Well its a long movie. So worth the money too if u are in that sorta thing.

Samantha Low
06 May 2018
The game story brought me to another world where you can be doing activities that's impossible in real life. Funny, cool captivating graphics. Like that bit of action and choices of music too.

Haliffah Natasha
01 May 2018
Love it!
Love the movie so much I watched twice! Though the story isn't well plotted, but the graphics and animation was well done. The game world was so immersive!

Jerry Chew
22 May 2018
My bro bring me to watch this movie few month ago,really nice...I like the character,the game...after this movie,I start to like Steven Spielberg movie.

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