Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom? (2017)

PG / Japanese / Anime / 90 min

Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom? Movie Poster
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School children Norimichi, Yuusuke, and Junichi want to know if fireworks look round or flat from the side. They make a plan to find the answer at a fireworks display, while Nazuna schemes to run away with Norimichi or Yuusuke, whoever wins at the pool.

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Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side Or The Bottom? Reviews

Chan Xinyi
5 December 2017
Overall: 5

Kemoron Null
30 November 2017
Overall: 5

Dare to watch
3 December 2017
Fantasy romance
Overall: 4
The visuals are pretty with animation studio Shaft going absolutely nuts with the lighting effects – especially when the titular fireworks kick in. The basic concept of Fireworks is appealing.

Chen Fuhui
25 December 2017
Overall: 4

19 December 2017
Overall: 4

Chris Chen
26 December 2017
Overall: 3
Was expecting it would be like Your name But it is below expectation

CT Fatimah
3 January 2018
Overall: 3
I was excited to watch this but ended up with disappointment

Welson Chan
8 December 2017
Overall: 3

John Huang
2 December 2017
Overall: 3

Stephanie Ho
2 January 2018
Weird first love
Overall: 2
First love and infatuation is like fireworks. Too much fantasy and weird twists but do not last long just like fireworks. If only, i can go back in time..

Diana Chua Zfeng
23 December 2017
Overall: 2

Celeste Ong
25 December 2017
no. just no.
Overall: 1
cgi was badly incoperated with the hand drawn animations. the story plot was confusing. the ending was shit. not enough character development. movie not even very relevant to the title. what a dissapointment :((

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