The Star (2017)

PG / English / Animation / NA

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A small but brave donkey and his animal friends become the unsung heroes of the greatest story ever told, the first Christmas.

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Jamie Tan
5 December 2017
camren is real!!!!!!!!
Overall: 5
Camren is real!!!!!!

Wan Jing
7 December 2017
Overall: 5
Nice and cute.

Dare to watch
3 December 2017
Themes of compassion and integrity.
Overall: 4
A touching Christmas story. Even the animals worship and pray to God. Strong message about trusting God’s sovereignty and loving one’s enemies.

21 December 2017
Nice intro to Jesus and the bible
Overall: 4
Loved the movie but wished it was longer. And developed the characters more. We are all used to longer movies now with richer story telling and character development. Would have been nice to have that here. It saves us a lot of time in having to do some catechism with our kids. Especially since it's told in beautiful animation.

Wee Siang
25 December 2017
Overall: 4

Yeo Mei Lin
16 December 2017
Overall: 4

John Huang
30 November 2017
Overall: 3

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