Home Again (2017)

PG / English / Comedy / Drama / Romance / 93 min

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Life for a single mom in Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn when she allows three young guys to move in with her.

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Home Again Reviews

16 October 2017
It was truly entertaining
Overall: 5
The casting was good. Great storyline. I really loved the show.

14 October 2017
Overall: 5
Nice touching story.

Cass Shepherdson
5 November 2017
Great movie
Overall: 5
Really liked it! Reminded me of ‘New Girl’

Karen Amber Caramello
8 November 2017
Overall: 5

Alexis Rappa
24 October 2017
Overall: 5

Lee Jeong Woo
20 October 2017
Overall: 5

Sathish Kumar
15 October 2017
Overall: 5

6 October 2017
Overall: 5

Dare to watch
17 October 2017
Love the home decor
Overall: 4
You will not be embarrassed or uncomfortable by younger guy relationship. But chemistry do counts.Alice's little blonde daughter is adorable, played by Eden Grace Redfield. Visually beautiful with lovely background music with lots of laughs

10 November 2017
Overall: 4

Ng Tong Yong
10 November 2017
Overall: 4

John Huang
9 November 2017
Overall: 4

18 October 2017
Overall: 4

Shih Ying Gun
21 November 2017
Both a hit and a miss...
Overall: 3
Reese Witherspoon may have aged in number but her youthful mindset and acting still shines in this rom-com - a typical genre for the movies she usually acts in. Not unlike your typical chick flick, the movie has its moments of laughter but lost out on its potential of developing more substance for the more mature audience. A pass if you want a no-brainer movie to just ease your mind off a long week but a miss if you're hoping to get more out of this show.

Movie buff
26 October 2017
Overall: 3
Will be watching soon

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